Elegant Lace for All Ages

We applaud Chanel for coming to the rescue of the lace industry. Thanks to the recent lace festooned wedding dresses of Kate Middleton and Amal Clooney, there is a renewed interest in the art of lace. Chanel’s investment will safeguard the survival of one of the last lace makers in France.


Chanel’s statement said: “The goal of this collaboration is to preserve the historic lace sector, the pride and rich heritage of the Calais and Caudry region. It also intends to ensure that this exceptional expertise and the invaluable Leavers, these 200-year-old machines that are key to creating extremely fine lace, with its own certification (Dentelle de Calais-Caudry®), essential for the demands of haute couture and creative design, remain in France.”


_11104216What we found in searching for lace in fashion is fascinating. Some think of lace as “old lady”, some think of lace in terms of “mother of the bride” dresses, and some seem to think that lace is only for the young. We found lovely dresses for all ages, even a simple lace dress at J.Crew. However, we also found a very funny site that describes things not to wear after 50:

“There comes a time (no later than 30) when ruffles down the front of a blouse or around the collar leaves behind “girlish” and becomes 50-year-old Church Lady.”

“And too much lace can make you look like a doily. Hard to be taken seriously when you look like you should be draped over the arm rest of Great Aunt Agnes’ couch.   Peter Pan collars especially if they’re lace. On dresses, blouses, or any other item of clothing if you’re over the age of nine. They make you look like an Amish schoolteacher. Which is great if you’re actually an Amish schoolteacher. But otherwise, a little too “sweet.””


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