Vintage shops look this good

What is the difference between a Thrift Shop and a Vintage Store? A lot according to a recent Fashionista story. And it turns out that vintage stores are reinventing themselves to look and feel like high-end designer emporiums.

This is particularly true in fashion-oriented cities like New York and in London where you might find Victoria Beckham and Amal Clooney perusing the aisles for that unique retro outfit.

Amanda Dolan founder Spark Pretty

You have to read about Spark Pretty in the East Village that is described as “walking into a teenager’s bedroom from the ’80s — a neon-tinted haven covered in pink, with floor-to-ceiling décor made up of music and movie posters, comfy bean bags and troll dolls.”

It is all about curating the setting

This shop, like so many of the other vintage shops, began as an online destination before moving into bricks and mortar. And for us, it is an opportunity to wander through these stores, not because we want to look retro but, because the clothes remind us of our younger selves and evoke memories of where and when we wore them. Plus, that jacket you loved in the 60s, 70s, or 80s would look great today.

As well, the high-end vintage shops sell collectables such as Hermes bags and Chanel shoes. The owner of What Goes Around Comes Around, a luxury vintage store in NYC, describes vintage as the best of the best rather than not by age and she notes further that quality vintage stores are good at curating the goods. Who knew that this retro aesthetic would appeal to young millennials but it appears increasingly this is the case as industry forecasts huge growth in the second-hand market:

Lucy remembers her hot pants and gogo boots and I remember a fabulous pair of flared green velvet pants and where I wore them. Tell us your favorite memory of clothes you loved from the 60s and 70s.

Ciao   Lucy and Claudia