Back in the Saddle

Where have we been this past summer? After writing our blog for two years, we decided to take a break to revisit what is out there in the market for our generation.

Claudia in Jackson Hole
Glamour girl Lucy

In the meanwhile, I went to Wyoming and Montana to visit my youngest son and Lucy continued to work very hard at marketing and promotion for one of the largest retailers of cocktail and prom dresses.

Over three years ago, we researched a project to develop a documentary about handbags, as we looked at the manufacturing of and the back-story behind the extraordinary range of prices for handbags. We are planning to visit the select group of artisans behind Hermes.

What we did learn is that handbags at the high end are really pieces of art. The craftsmanship, the quality of the design and leather, and the extraordinary marketing to create the “must have” brand are what make these designer bags works of art.   And so it is fitting that we bring you this story:

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Lucy and Claudia