We find women coming to us to help filter the options for shopping online. After our paddle game the other night, someone lamented that she couldn’t find a store anywhere that sells corduroys. Another noted they were available at a local chain but they fit poorly. We all agreed with that.


Classic Corduroys

We realized that we do not know much about corduroy.  What exactly is it? Not surprisingly, it has an interesting origin and dates back to the Egyptians in 200AD:


These still work in Florida!

“Cords”, as men called them in the 70’s, were definitely a staple of the preppy wardrobe. And the bottom always looked completely bald, where too much sitting had flattened out the fabric.  That did not seem to diminish their interest in still wearing them. Lily Pulitzer fashioned corduroys for women in her distinctive bright pink and green hues.  Everyone wore cords from young children to grownups. Fast forward to today.  Not so easy.

We made our first stop at Amazon – there are 5,492 options for corduroy pants for women. Who has the time or the patience for that?


Skinny Corduroy Ralph Lauren

And corduroy fabric has made its way into the skinny jeans universe and the yoga pants universe.  Either way, fit is key and they are often too tight or way too full.  We think cords should be both stylish and cozy, otherwise what is the point?  We could just stay in flannel PJs or pour into skinnies, if we don’t mind not breathing! We think we might have found the perfect solution:


A lovely pair of cords in six shades in sizes from 2-18 and for under $80. Not only that, J Jill has stores conveniently located so you try them on to see how they fit. The one thing none of us need are corduroy pants that fit poorly. It is not a pretty sight. You all know what we mean!

Have a good weekend!

Lucy and Claudia