The Perfect Bag for All on Your List

Lucy had lunch with a friend the other day who lamented about how many gifts she needed to find for her Christmas list, saying that she was always on the lookout for a store where she could get all of her shopping done in one place.images

Lucy decided to take that as a shopping challenge and came up with Baggu. And she loves this company. Remember Lucy loves all things that have to do with handbags.

Founded in 2007 with a single product, Baggu has not strayed far from its roots and is still in the bag business. That being said, Baggu has us covered with everything from their original shopping bag to the fashionable bucket bag in a gorgeous stone color.images

Baggu Bags

Like many small businesses, they have an online store at their website for most of their sales.  They have only two stores, with one in New York and the other in California.They are smart because they have also established key partnerships with leading retailers. Do check them out, not only for gifts but also for you: 60354-1?variant=6936193793

Take a minute to look at these sites. Have a great weekend!

Lucy and Claudia

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