Sometimes a story comes along that is so appealing that it shouldn’t be missed.  In this case, it is a short film.03retiring1-superjumbo

We know that many of us consider the beauty pageant world ridiculous at best and demeaning for certain for girls and women.

However, the short film we saw features women “of an age of elegance”. There is something wonderful and inspirational about these women enjoying a pageant for “grown-up women”.

We may never wear a tiara, but what a hoot! FYI, Lucy is known to give tiaras to friends to celebrate milestone birthdays. “Getting dolled up” as our grandmothers would say, is good for the soul.  03retiring3a-master675What fun! Instead of turning down that over-the-top party this season, go out and buy a fabulous new dress, and add a little sparkle to your blusher. Let’s show them all that we still know how to dress up and look great! Enjoy this: