Let’s not even think about Black Friday or Holiday Shopping today.


Ms. Herrera


Her fabulous white shirt

Instead, check out the wonderful profile of Carolina Herrera who sits at the helm of a billion dollar brand and who, at 77, is still a remarkable business woman, celebrating 35 years in business. If we were in a high-end position financially we would buy her clothes., including her signature crisp white shirt. Yes, it is to die for:


We are reminded that every time you buy “fast fashion”, you are supporting the sweatshop industry.  There are other choices, like to buy less and buy better. What is remarkable about this article is that the sweatshop is not in Bangladesh but in L.A.  So that’s it for us, and a promise to never shop again at Forever 21:



Badgley Mischka Just $95 for the night!

How do you feel about renting a dress? Is it creepy to think about, like how it feels to slip into bowling shoes at a bowling alley? And is it pretentious or fake to wear a $2000 rented dress to an event?   After all, celebrities get gorgeous clothes for the Oscars for the evening and they “borrow” amazing jewelry too. It seems weird to us but maybe it would be fun to wear a fabulous designer dress that one could never afford. You be the judge:


Ciao for Monday,

Lucy and Claudia