Artisan at Work

 As the 2016 holiday shopping season comes to an end, we pay would like to pay a special tribute to artists and crafts people.

One of the motivating reasons we developed our blog was to call attention to companies and businesses, be they large or small, which employ and support the work of artisans.

To that end, we applaud Johann Rupert. Quietly and without fanfare, Mr. Rupert, one of world’s richest businessmen, founded the Michelangelo Foundation whose mission is to “promote a bright future for master craftsmanship and lasting objects of beauty.”unknown

We honor his commitment to a vision of the world that values those who work with their hands and the work that they create. More information is available on the Foundation’s website: www.michelangelofoundation.com.


Master Craftsman at Work

We ask you to consider, whenever possible, to support the work of artisans by buying gifts that are sold by one of the myriad of collectives, fairs and organizations that promote the creation of “objects of beauty.”  Gifts that have a story are the best gifts that we can give to one another.

Lucy and Claudia