Cyber Schmiber, Forget about it! Think adaptive reuse, think helping others, think repurpose, think less is more.


Our local thrift shop has helped hundreds of families

Lucy and I worked down the street from a small thrift shop that provides individuals and families with the resources to live independently and helps provide a path to long-term stability.



Of course Claudia wants the bunny

We revisited this wonderful store this week and found amazing deals. We discovered like-new holiday tree ornaments that were beautifully crafted, perhaps stored in an attic and long forgotten, and a set of large outdoor wreaths that with a little tweaking would light up the front of the house – two for $6.00.


Great gift for a new apartment

It is unlikely that a gently used sweater satisfies someone on your gift list, but what about lovely vintage candlesticks, or ceramic bowls that could be repurposed into containers for holiday potpourri, or picture frames to remind your family that actual photographs are still a lovely addition to any room (and not just on your phone), or antique lace and linen napkins to decorate the table.


Lucy scored these earrings

Someone had donated boxes of brand new fancy emery boards, manicure sets and cheater eye glasses, all of which would make perfect stocking stuffers. And Lucy scored with two beautiful sets of earrings for under $5.00.

Most communities have a thrift shop, some selling clothing and accessories and others adding kitchen and decorative items, and furniture. We know that not everyone is crafty and can wield a glue gun but all of us can add a little elbow grease and re-claim a slightly grimy decorative mirror for the hall of a daughter’s new apartment.

The best part is that these gifts come with a story. Consider that what you are doing is not only saving the planet by not buying new, but you are helping families in need when you thrift shop.

We are thinking of starting a Thrifty Thursday around the country for next year’s holiday season. So there, so much for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Get thrifty this year and give gifts that give twice. We can make a difference!

Lucy and Claudia.