When it launched, Anthropologie was a store we really liked the look of but, too often, we found ourselves leaving empty handed, as the inventory seemed to be a little too funky for us. In the early years, we found the gifts and home décor goods fairly pricey. images-1Amazingly, Anthropologie survived and is successful after more than twenty years, which is no small feat in this rapidly changing retail universe.


A Perfect Gift and Affordable Too

We put it on our top six shopping sites for 2016, because we like what they have said about who their customer is. And their ever-changing inventory of clothing and gifts are really worth a look now. Yes, their models are ridiculously young looking, even by today’s standards, but we are willing to over look this because we like what we saw:

We love the Paleta infinity scarf

The dog a day tea towels – great gift

The London Cashmere wrap cardigan is gorgeous

The reversible vegan leather tote in 5 beautiful colors is perfect


What Animal Lover Wouldn’t Want This Gift?

This is just a bit of a tease and, so, we invite you to take a look at their site where we are confident that you will find some treasures. There is also a sister site, Terrain, that has some enchanting but very expensive, we warned you, holiday lights. There is BHLDN, their wedding site, that has some lovely dresses that would be perfect for a second time around, and/ or for the bride who doesn’t not want anything “too bridal”. The wedding flats and jewelry are elegant and completely magical: