Happy Joy from All the Beasts

All of us at LucyandClaudia wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.  By all of us, we include of course, the multitude of beasts that surround us as in horses, dogs, cats, birds, fish, chickens, roosters, bunny and pheasants.  This motley family insures that we always have much to laugh about.img_1345 img_2605 img_2807 img_2361 img_2788img_2204

The great thing about animals is that they are proud of whatever we do. During the dark days of winter and the cold, these creatures provide a blanket of warmth as we hunker down for some serious work.

The New Year brings new beginnings for us.  We are taking a three-week sabbatical to revamp and expand our blog. We will be back the week of January 9th with new and exciting details. We can’t wait! Until then, enjoy all the magic that this season brings.

Lucy and Claudia.

Gifts to Support Artisans

Artisan at Work

 As the 2016 holiday shopping season comes to an end, we pay would like to pay a special tribute to artists and crafts people.

One of the motivating reasons we developed our blog was to call attention to companies and businesses, be they large or small, which employ and support the work of artisans.

To that end, we applaud Johann Rupert. Quietly and without fanfare, Mr. Rupert, one of world’s richest businessmen, founded the Michelangelo Foundation whose mission is to “promote a bright future for master craftsmanship and lasting objects of beauty.”unknown

We honor his commitment to a vision of the world that values those who work with their hands and the work that they create. More information is available on the Foundation’s website: www.michelangelofoundation.com.

Master Craftsman at Work

We ask you to consider, whenever possible, to support the work of artisans by buying gifts that are sold by one of the myriad of collectives, fairs and organizations that promote the creation of “objects of beauty.”  Gifts that have a story are the best gifts that we can give to one another.

Lucy and Claudia

Pageants for Grown-Up Women

Sometimes a story comes along that is so appealing that it shouldn’t be missed.  In this case, it is a short film.03retiring1-superjumbo

We know that many of us consider the beauty pageant world ridiculous at best and demeaning for certain for girls and women.

However, the short film we saw features women “of an age of elegance”. There is something wonderful and inspirational about these women enjoying a pageant for “grown-up women”.

We may never wear a tiara, but what a hoot! FYI, Lucy is known to give tiaras to friends to celebrate milestone birthdays. “Getting dolled up” as our grandmothers would say, is good for the soul.  03retiring3a-master675What fun! Instead of turning down that over-the-top party this season, go out and buy a fabulous new dress, and add a little sparkle to your blusher. Let’s show them all that we still know how to dress up and look great! Enjoy this:


Great Online Sales Now

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas as they say in the song and that means shopping! To be honest, we both have done very little shopping yet. But being late to the party make work out because we found great sales at stores we have featured on our blog:

The Dreslyn Gift on Sale
The Dreslyn Gift Box

www.thedreslyn.com.  One of our most recent finds, The Dreslyn, is up to 50% off with the code TAKE20.

Top Quality Handbags at Nordstrom’s
Select Uggs on Sale

www.nordstroms.com   As we like to say, the perfect department store.  The stores are beautifully merchandised and offer a pleasant lunch spot as well. Nordstroms is 40% off select designer styles.

Trophy Jacket Under $100
H&M Ruffled Blouse Under $30

www.h&m.com  We know it is hard to believe but they do have great stuff for us. In spite of H&M being in the fast fashion market, they have proven themselves to be more socially responsible than their competitors. H&M is up to 60% off select winter styles.

Opening Ceremony Features Velvet Wraps and Dresses

www.openingceremony.com   This is a hip place to shop for a teen or twenty-something on your list. They will sure to be impressed. Opening Ceremony is up to 40% off select styles.

Make it fun to shop!

With good cheer,

Lucy and Claudia

Celebrate Native American Designers

Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline

Native Americans are in the news as their communities fight to protect their sacred land over the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Urban Outfitters is in a long running legal battle with the Navajo Nation over the illegal use of their name and aesthetics without their permission.

There are ongoing cultural battles over the use of Native American representations as mascots for sports teams.images-2

We support their efforts to protect their culture. An interesting article in Fashionista posed the following question:

“So what if you love the jewelry or clothing made and worn by indigenous peoples, but that’s not your heritage? Luckily for you, many Native American artists don’t actually mind non-Natives wearing their designs or borrowing from their aesthetic. They just want to be fairly compensated and recognized for their cultural contribution. In short, wearing Native American patterns or jewelry is fine as long as you bought them from an actual Native American designer. And if there’s something that you really shouldn’t be wearing — i.e. a headdress with special religious or tribal significance — the artist you’re buying from will likely let you know.”

Part of our mission is to promote the work and artistry of local designers whether in the mountains of Haiti or the Black Hills of the Dakotas. Traveling around the country, we cannot help but be captivated by Native American artists and craftsmen. Unfortunately, sometimes it is a political boiling point that makes us step back and look again at what lies below the surface.buynative_2012_large

We highlight one of many Native American jewelers today. Her website makes a very compelling case for a better understanding of the Buy Native campaign:

Pelican Bracelet


Pink Sapphire Barnacle Ring

Now might be the right moment to learn more about the artistry of our country’s Native Americans and make a fashion statement with a piece of stunning Native American jewelry at this year’s holiday parties.

Lucy and Claudia